download-4Medal of Honor Meet and Greet:

On Tuesday, May 4th, I had the honor of joining the 934th Airlift Wing in hosting Medal of Honor recipients Robert Patterson (U.S. Army), Thomas Kelley (U.S. Navy), and Harold Fritz (U.S. Army). It was a pleasure to meet these three gentlemen, and a true honor




House Resolutions for Officer Ashley LaValle and Gary Goolsbee:

On May 9th, at the Forest Lake City Council Meeting, I had the honor of presenting Ashley LaValle a House Resolution in recognition of her dedication to youth service in her area. Officer LaValle was also presented with the James Trudeau Law Enforcement Award by the Youth Service Bureau.

On May 12th I had the pleasure to present a House Resolution to Gary Goolsbee in recognition of his work for our area’s youth. Gary is a licensed clinical social worker and mental health therapist at Canvas Health, and has been heavily involve with the the Forest Lake Area Partnership for Families (FLAPF), specifically as a founding member of the FLAPF Suicide Prevention Committee.  Mr. Goolsbee was awarded the On Behalf of Youth Award by the Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau.

Enjoy your weekend!



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