The Department of Commerce announced Wednesday that lowest cost options for many men and women using Minnesota’s Obamacare exchange website, MNsure, is increasing by over 20 percent next year.

Rep. Bob Dettmer (R-Forest Lake) issued the following statement after the release of the health insurance premium rates for the 2014-2015 open enrollment period.

“Democrats promised that MNsure would mean savings of $500 for the average Minnesota family,” said Rep. Dettmer. “What we saw with today’s rate release, however, is that families and individuals across the state will see costs increase, and once again many folks will struggle to pay for Obamacare premiums they were told would be affordable. After spending $160 million in taxpayer money to build a failed web site and giving $26,000 in bonuses to MNsure executives, Minnesotans deserve transparency about what their health insurance costs will be next year.

Since the implementation of Obamacare last year, insurance premium costs are rising faster than ever. According to the Commonwealth Fund, individual market insurance premiums from 2003-2010 rose a total of 35 percent in Minnesota. In the first full year of Obamacare in Minnesota, the same rates rose 47 percent for Minnesotans according to the Manhattan Institute. One of the largest insurers remaining on MNsure is seeing a 17 percent average increase for 2015, meaning thousands of Minnesotans are going to see a huge increase in insurance costs.

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