As you may recall, the Manhattan Institute conducted a county-by-county study of insurance premium increases from 2013 to 2014. As a result of Obamacare’s disastrous mandates and top down policies, premiums increased by an average of 47% this year. Minnesota has the notorious distinction of being home to the county with the largest premium increase for women in the country: females in Goodhue County are paying 200% more on average than last year.

Click here for a chart prepared by staff outlining the average insurance rate increases for men and women aged 27, 40 and 64. The counties are listed in alphabetical order, with their “rating area” noted in a separate column (the state is broken into nine rating areas for the purpose of setting rates). If you’d like to see how a particular region (SW, SE, NW, etc.) fared, the chart can be sorted by rating area. This map shows the rating areas in Minnesota.

Counties with increases of zero to 49% are shaded in light red, those with increases of 50-99% are slightly darker, and those with increases over 100% are in the darkest shade of red. The few counties where the average rate declined are noted in green.

Again, have a happy Independence Day.





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