Last Monday, January 4th, Congressman Tom Emmer and I visited the STARBASE learning center.

STARBASE is a program that encourages STEM learning by giving students and teachers the opportunity to apply Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in a hands-on environment. The STARBASE facility is located in the Air National Guard building at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport.

The U.S. Department of Defense partners with the State of Minnesota to provide school groups with an environment for learning that wouldn’t be possible in a classroom. The Air National Guard allows STARBASE access to aviation resources and officers act as guest speakers. In addition to having school groups in during the school year, STARBASE also has summer programs that focus on introducing kids to engineering.

Congressman Emmer and I had a great time visiting with STARBASE staff, and students who were excited to experience science on a whole other level. I’m thrilled to see the work STARBASE has done to encourage our next generation of STEM professionals, and I’m proud to serve on its board of directors.

REAL ID Update:

Minnesota recently received a REAL ID time line from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The earliest that REAL ID-compliant licenses would be required to board an airplane is January 22nd, 2018. Extensions may be granted after this date, but all passengers will be required to have a REAL ID-compliant license or another acceptable form of identification for air travel within the U.S. starting October 1, 2020.

Bottom line, you don’t need to worry about REAL ID impacting your travel plans for the next two years at least. The legislature will address REAL ID promptly in the upcoming session, which begins on March 8th.

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