On Tuesday, the top private insurer in MNsure revealed they are withdrawing from the exchange. PreferredOne offered the lowest rates of any private insurer in the exchange and was purchased by 59 percent of enrollees who bought insurance through MNsure.

“Governor Dayton and Democrats have refused to fix a broken healthcare exchange, and as a result over 30,000 Minnesotans will now have to choose between losing subsidies, changing doctors or buying a more expensive insurance plan,” said Rep. Bob Dettmer (R-Forest Lake). “Rates across the state are already rising, and MNsure’s continued failures will place an even greater burden on families trying to find affordable health insurance.”

New MNsure rates are expected to be released in early October. Those who bought a plan with PreferredOne through MNsure will have coverage until the end of the year. They will have to choose whether to buy insurance through the company off the exchange and lose tax subsidies, or chose another plan through MNsure.

“How much longer will Minnesotans have to wait to have a health insurance exchange that works?” added Rep. Dettmer. “Taxpayers already spent $160 million to build a failed website. They deserve answers.”


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